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I bought three bottles of wine here
ROB S. Washington 19:59:37 08-22-2016

I bought three bottles of wine here and they were reasonably priced and very good wines.   When Sharon got to DC on Thursday I stopped back in for a small bottle of Vodka and found one from Telluride CO!  Woo Hoo!  She liked it, and we have a new favorite, Telluride Vodka, which we now know can be had at Applejack Liquors in Denver.   The counter help checking out was really friendly, the prices were fair, up to very expensive for some really good wines.  I liked the place, instantly and would shop there again if I were living in the hood, or staying at the hotels near the Convention Center. 

I have about 3 options near me... I go to this place for several
Medina T Washinton 19:57:18 08-22-2016

So this is close to home which is cool but I have about 3 options near me... I go to this place for several reasons.

1) They have most everything
2)I brought my loud mouth crazy friend here once and they were sweet about it
3)I was walking by tonight and a drunk as fuck bummy guy (sorry but it's accurate), had entered the store and rather than be cruel they actually called the guy a cab (paid for it I assume) and gave hime bottled water ...

To me that is everything. I love a place that bypasses sympathy and takes on humanity... 
I will shop here as long as I live here. 
Awesome guys, awesome humanity, awesome all together. 
The kind of place I like seeing my money go to...

This is hands down my favorite liquor store!
Meagan K. Washinton 19:56:14 08-22-2016

This is hands down my favorite liquor store! 

The people who work there are very friendly and helpful and the clientele is unlike that of other liquor stores in the area. Cool people shop there...not lots of bums etc. (no shade to the bums, though).

The store is always spotless and all of the merchandise is well organized. They always have everything I want when I go there, even if it's something seemingly ridiculous. Also, they have a snazzy little seating area thing in the back for people playing the lottery. Like, people legit sit back there for a long time watching the screens and filling out the little cards and writing things. I have no idea what they're doing over in that corner like that, but they seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves. Lol

The lines in the store are never long and they move quickly. If there is one person being rung up and a second person gets in line behind them, they will open up another register on the behalf of that second person. 

Finally, Thirsty's has these really cool tasting events every now and then. People come in and the environment is actually quite festive. Ha! This liquor store is so good.

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